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February 8, 2012

How to prevent world war 3 and create Universal Peace for everybody

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This is a copy of universalpeace.edublogs.org, scroll down for the original doctorno.wordpress.com blog. Uploaded Friday, August 19 2016.

Watch my youtube channel for the latest info about people that want to kill you and how to survive and create a perfect society in which we will all live happily eternally. Possible because everything is energy.


Also visit: http://universalpeace.jimdo.com

Remember to back up important info to C D rom and spread it around the globe via internenet and in other ways to change your time line for the better.

How to prevent world war 3 and create Universal Peace for everybody:

Keep clear Israel can not pose any threat to Iran because Israel has missile shields like the Iron Dome so Iran can not pose any threat to Israel not even with nuclear weapons. Israel has nuclear weapons but officially denies this but there are Israeli’s that help expose this.
Do not neutralize Iranian nuclear facilities and have missile shields ready.
Make agreement with Russians before neutralizing nuclear facilities to prevent world war three and create Universal Peace in stead. For everybody.
Try to come up with other, better ideas to prevent world war 3 and create universal peace please.

Reversed active measures, reversed ideological subversion:

1. Moralization.

2. Stabilization.

3. Generate an economic surge (opposite of generating a crisis with the insane idea that it would make people accept a New Torture World Order or Global Dictatorship Government that wants to reduce the worlds population with 93% and calls it population control).

4. Demilitarization (opposite of normalization is when the tanks roll in).

Prevent world war, creat Universal Peace: Prevent M A D, mutually assured destruction, a seven year nuclear winter and scalar world war none without a Tesla Plasma Shield would survive.

Only Tesla Plasma Shield picture I have found on line so far:

Tesla Plasma Shield supercoolmale blog com


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